Create Customer Loyalty and Amplify Product Sales

The Pet industry is worth over $60B yearly. How do you take a nibble out of such an immense opportunity? Connect with pet parents. Create offers exclusively for pet owners. During Pet Month, focus on emotions surrounding pets, create excitement, foster competition, offer a charitable hook. Encourage loyalty. That is what Redner’s Warehouse Markets did this Spring.


Redner’s made their 6th annual Dog & Cat Photo Contest an engaging event for consumers. A dog or cat could earn the spotlight through crowd voting during their web contest. Consumers were encouraged to submit photos of their dog or cat to the website. 6 Semi-finalists were chosen and voting for the Grand Prize Winner took place over a 10-day period. The contest was sponsored by Purina.

There were thousands of entries from the Northeast. Big, small, short, tall – all sorts of breeds entered the contest. At the end of the 10-day voting period, only one could win. The winner just so happens to be the most demure of them all, a tiny kitten named Willie.

So, why a pet photo contest?

Willie The Cat

Willie The Cat

  • People love their pets.
  • People love to share photos.
  • People love the spirit of competition.
  • Wrap in a way to vote for who is the best?

…You have a way to engage consumers by the thousands.

Voting engines have existed for a long time. It’s just a matter of content and what the incentives are. In the case of pets or children or sports, people will jump at the chance to participate in voting. For this program, Streetmarc developed the plan, the voting engine, and out-of-store social promotion elements. The prizing was a $300 Redner’s Gift Card and a $300 donation to the pet charity of the winner’s choice. Definitely a reason to participate – to also give back to help others. Promotion for the contest was supported via in-store and online circulars and through Redner’s Facebook page.

Wrap in the opportunity to opt-in for future offers for pet products, and begin strengthening loyalty to your business. Every retailer is looking for ways to leverage the Pet category and take advantage of sales and profits. Securing consumers to buy from you on an ongoing basis is your most challenging task.